Testimonials Brockville Martial Arts

J. Todd

 This dojo is the REAL DEAL. Great people, great instruction and everyone is welcomed with open arms. My family and I LOVE Ancho Jujitsu because it's not just a class we joined - we joined a family. Highly recommend it! 


B. Jacques

Nyinbulam Jujitsu is exactly what I was looking for, traditional Japanese values with modern day self defense.  Sensei Rob is awesome and all students are great people ***** 

R. Eaton

The Women's Self Defense Program at Ancho Jujitsu has been excellent! In this fun, enjoyable class you learn skills with lots of practical hands on practice and help to perfect each move.  You learn why each technique is effective as well.  The techniques are all straight-forward to understand, simple to apply and easy to remember.  Not only do you learn great self defense skills to keep you safe in a lot of different situations, but it's also an AWESOME confidence boost.  A fun enjoyable class... highly recommended ***** 

S. Pilon

I had no idea I could physically defend myself.  The women's self defence program is so enlightening.  You don't need to be strong, the techniques we are taught are amazing.  I positively suggest this program to EVERY WOMAN!  I can't thank Ancho Jujitsu enough for such a great experience and confidence builder, one that could save my life one day.  

E. Longstaff

Absolutely recommend this program! Our daughters have gained confidence and learned about discipline, while thriving in a positive and creative environment,  great program! great people! great time! 

C. Easingwood

 The problem that I seen with a lot of modern Martial Arts was the techniques were not practical. They looked great but wouldn’t necessarily work in real conflict. Nyingbulam has a perfect blend of effective striking, our friend the ground, joint locks, and pressure points. Regardless of where a conflict takes you this wonderful style will have you prepared. The dojo family is amazing, and Sensei has a incredible balanced teaching style. He teaches the individual while maintaining a class atmosphere. I have 2 daughters in the younger classes and soon to be 3, my oldest daughter(7) always comes to the adult class and we can see her working on her techniques off to the side. I strongly recommend Ancho to anyone, just do it! You will find out what’s inside of you, and it’s amazing!  Rob is an excellent Sensei, he is very patient with kids and teaches a lot of valuable information on bullies and being safe ***** Ancho Jujitsu - Japanese Jujitsu for the Modern World in Brockville brockville martial arts