SuperKids JiuJitsu / Martial Arts in Brockville Martial Arts for Kids in Brockville

Mission Statement

Our course is not about teaching children to hurt other children. Our program is about teaching kids "REAL LIFE" skills that they will maintain throughout their lives.  Teaching kids to be better people.  Respect and Confidence through Success

Positive Environment

We provide a strong environment for growth and equality.  We believe in educating our students on the problems in dealing with confused people.  If those problems are met on the playground, school yard or on the street, SuperKids has prepared our kids on how to deal with these issues. Youth Jiu Jitsu in Brockville, Martial Arts for Kids in Brockville

Brockville's Only Black Belt Excellence Shcool

Self Defence builds confidence in dealing in high stress situations.  The Black Belt Excellence Program deals with building Self Esteem, Strong Character, Personal Drive and Personal Success. 

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