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Self Defence & Personal Protection Program

Certified SAFE International Instructor:  Safe International has been a world leader in teaching Pure and Applied Self Defense since 1994.  We have taught students and strengthened communities all over the world.

As part of our mission of making communities all over the world safer, we have certified self-defense instructors in Canada, the United States, Finland, Australia, and Germany 

We take into account the complex legal, moral, and ethical considerations of self-defense.

Our students are not just taught about the physical aspects of self-defense. We also focus on the often neglected psychological and behavioral aspects as well.

 SAFE International™ understands that the average person might only ever participate in one self defense course in their lifetime.  Most of our clients lead busy lives at work and at home.  But one thing they all have in common is, when they contact us, they are looking for practical but essential self defense instruction. This instruction is designed to provide peace of mind and a feeling of safety and security when it comes to the possibility of facing violence in the real world. 

 Self Defence Parties - Corporate Lunch & Learns - High School - Public School Self Defence- Healthcare Professionals - Teachers - Taxi Cab Drivers  - Realtors

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Adult Co-Ed Jujitsu Class

Our Adult Co-Ed Jujitsu program follows the Ryu of Nyingbulam.  This highly effective and entirely based self defence system has been developed for today's modern threats.  Our teachings focus heavily on Mindfulness and Personal Awareness.   Students are taught throws, joint locks, bone manipulation and pressure point tactics for pain compliance.   Our classes run between 60 to 90 minutes depending on area's of study being covered.  Nyingbulam will prepare you to defend yourself standing, sitting or on the ground.  If learning to protect yourself and loved ones is something you've decided to learn how to do, we invite you to come and visit us and find out just how easy and fun it to learn Jujtisu 

Ancho Jujitsu offers one of Brockville and area leading Adult Self defence programs  

Personal Self Defence Seminars

This 6 hours program will awaken you to  how easy it is to become a target for bad people.  You will be introduced to very aggressive and violent large body movement techniques that are intended to hurt, disable and incapacitate an attacker.  Students will be introduced to behaviors and actions that could expose themselves to violent situations.   A large portion of this program is based on self awareness and knowing who your attacker is and how to deal with their threat