Ancho Jujitsu - Japanese Jujitsu for the Modern World in Brockville

Qualified Passionate Instructors


Certified  Self Defence Instructor under  The World Wide Leader in Self Protection:  SAFE International 

Ranking granted by the International Grading Board of the WORLD KOBUDO FEDERATION - Jujitsu, 8th Dan Kyoshi Robert Kranstz Milton Jiu Jitsu

Shodan Ranking received under the OSGOOD SCHOOL OF KARATE & JIU JITSU - 7th Dan Albert Either

Studied Nihon Goshin Jutsu - 


 Yukio Tani Fusen Ryu 1881 - 1950 

Richard Morrison 

Current Study's 

 Nyingbulam Jujitsu 


SokakuTakeda 1859-1943

Ryuho Okuyama 1901-1987

Michael LaMonica 

Gichin Funakoshi 1868-1957 Founder Shotokan Karata

Maxatoshi Nakayam 1913-1987

Hirokazu Kanazzawa 1931-

Emmanuel Del Espintu Santo Querubin

Kim Wong 1953-1993

Stephen Lonsdale - Founder Seishindo Jujitsu

Lance Anderson Nidai Soke Seishindo


Jason Carter Founder Nyingbulam Goshin Jutsu 

Certified Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Provider


Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor


Combative Kickboxer 


Furthering studies and development under the guidance of 8th Dan Kyoshi, Reverend Jason Carter - Founder, Nyingbulam Jujitsu

NYINGBULAM is a Japanese based martial art system formulated for modern times, that is a  fusion of Karate (Shotokan), Jujitsu (Nihon Goshin) and Pressure Point Techniques, built upon a foundation of mindfulness 

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Contact us at: 613 340 8002

Jiu Jitsu in Brockville

Modern Training Facility


Our facility is located at 3067 County, Brockville, ON at Choley's Fitness & Welness beside Mr. Gas 

 We teach Martial Arts Brockville

Ancho Jujitsu - Japanese Jujitsu for the Modern World in Brockville

We provide a clean, bright, properly equipped environment  to ensure  a fun, safe and very respectful place to learn and train.

We pride ourselves on our  ZERO TOLERANCE STANCE against aggressive language and any disrespectful behavior or comments towards people regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. 

We believe in providing an area to learn martial arts brockville, in proactive and encouraging environment for all. Jiu Jitsu in Brockville

  The Syllabus we study is Nyingbulam, this art places emphasis on many areas of self defense, such as joint-locking, throwing,  immobilizing / pinning and strangling techniques. 

 It also uses Atemi-Waza  (striking techniques) using all eight limbs (hands, feet, elbows & knees) , as well as ground fighting and grappling skills.

Students learn traditional Jujitsu joint locking techniques, that is threatening a joints integrity by placing pressure on it in a direction contrary to its normal function.  

 Atem techniques are used on vulnerable areas of the body to help create Kuzushi (The art of braking balance)


Snow Lion Jujitsu Academy.

Ancho Jujitsu in Brockville  - Self Defence in Brockville - Martial Arts in Brockville Jiu Jitsu in Brockville

Our Philosophy



Our passion for the art is evident from the moment you arrive at our training facility from the moment you arrive at our training facility to the final etiquette bow at the end of our lesson.

We teach a modern style of Japanese Jujitsu developed to protect you and your loved one in today's world of threats and crime. 

  If learning a highly effective form of self defense is something you're interested in, please contact us for more information on Ancho Jujitsu and on 

The  Art of the Modern Samurai - Nyingbulam 


Ancho Jujitsu, through its SuperKids Program and through its L'il Dragon Program  teaches children as young as 3 years old Jujitsu. 

 If you're looking for an interesting, fun and very exciting way to stay active, learn a skill that will provide you with empowerment, self confidence and security, then we invite you to come and try some classes and find out just how easy it is to learn Jujitsu. 

If you're interested in improving your fitness level, increase flexibility and to learn how to protect yourselves,  we invite you to contact us at: 613 340 8002

Ancho Jujitsu - Japanese Jujitsu for the Modern World in Brockville